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Other Publications
Year Editor(s) Title Publisher
蛻變中的中國翻譯研究 香港翻譯學會
2011Liu Ching-chih &
Chan Tak-hung Leo
Conflunences: Translation Research in Chinese and Asian Contexts Hong Kong Translation Society
2003 Rachel May &
John Minford
A Birthday Book for Brother Stone:
for David Hawkes, at Eighty
The Chinese University Press &
Hong Kong Translation Society
Liu C.C,Jin
Serena, Lin M.S
Proceedings of Conference on Translation Teaching
翻譯教學研討會論文集 (PDF format)
Hong Kong Translation Society
1994 Liu C.C. &
Richard K Seymour
Translation & Interpreting:Bridging East & West-Selected Conference Papers East-West Centre & University of Hawaii Press
1991 (ed.) Liu C.C. Collected Essays on Translation 1991
Commercial Press
1991 (ed.) Liu C.C. A Translator's Handbook
Commercial Press
1988 (ed.) Liu C.C. Conference Proceedings 1988
Commercial Press
1986 (ed.) Liu C.C. Conference Proceedings 1986
Commercial Press
1983 (ed.) Soong, Stephen Conference Proceedings 1983
The Chinese University Press
1981 (ed.) Liu C.C. Collected Essays on Translation
Joint Publishing
1979 (ed.) Jin, Serena A Glossary of New English
1975 (ed.) Lai T.C. The Art and Profession of Translation Hong Kong Translation Society