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50th Anniversary Offer to New and Existing Members


17 Sept 2021

50th Anniversary Celebration of the Hong Kong Translation Society

On behalf of the Executive Committee, it gives me great pleasure in announcing a series of activities and member benefits to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of the Hong Kong Translation Society. Starting from October, you will see the successive launching of the following initiatives in our Golden Jubilee Year 2021-22:

a brand new website, at;
a series of online translation talks featuring scholars and practitioners on topics varying from interpreting, specialized translation, translation technology and translation history (the first talk on legal translation to be held on 6 Oct; please watch out for our e-talk registration posters);
a year-long “Oral Translation History” research project, to produce a series of interview videos featuring notable translation masters and scholars, to be made available for open access on our website next year;
the publication of the 100th issue of our refereed journal Translation Quarterly, the first of its kind in Hong Kong, and releasing TQ for open access on our website, in line with the object of the Society and its commitment to knowledge sharing and empowerment; and
a celebration ceremony next year, details to be announced.
To celebrate the 50th Anniversary, there will be a one-time 50% discount off all membership fees (except for Student Membership, which has been previously reduced) provided that all payment – for admission, renewal or upgrade – is effected by 30 October 2021. You are welcome to recommend eligible translation professionals or professionals from other fields who identify with our objects to join the Society (application form at *Please note that from November 2021 onward, any Member with subscription fees in arrears for more than 6 months will cease to be a Member of the Society and will no longer receive any notices from us. Please kindly reply to our Membership Secretary using the form at the end of this letter at your earliest convenience.

Besides, I am taking this opportunity to appeal to you to support our 50th Anniversary Charity Drive. Being a non-profit taking organization, the Society has counted on donation and member subscription for sustainable operation to fulfil our object of raising the standard, status and public awareness of translation in Hong Kong. Our Executive Committee members are chiefly academics and professionals who work voluntarily for the Society. To support our cause, members are welcome to make a donation or help us solicit outside sponsorship with the donation letter/form attached to this email.

If you have any enquiry, or wish to contribute to the Chinese translation of our website, you are most welcome to write to me at Your participation and support, mental and material, is definitely indispensable to the continued success of the Society.

Thank you in advance and looking forward to seeing you in our coming activities.

Best regards,
Elsie Chan

TC Lai
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