Incorporated in October 1971, the Hong Kong Translation Society is a non-profit making professional body with the object to enhance the standard and professionalism of translation (both oral and written) in Hong Kong.  It became a registered charitable organization with the Hong Kong Government in 1991 on the grounds of education promotion.  It has become a member association of the Translators Association of China since 1986 and of the Federation Internationale des Traducteurs since 1988.
The Society celebrated its 20th anniversary in 1991, with a spectacular piano recital by Fou Ts'ong, world renowned master pianist of Chinese origin.  This gave rise to the institution of a HK$400,000 "Memorial Fund" - in dedication to modern Chinese translation guru Fou Lai - further consolidating its support to translation activities in Hong Kong.
There is no doubt that Hong Kong will continue to play a major role in the international world of business and communication, as well as occupying a key position in South-East Asia.   High-level translators and interpreters will continue to be in great demand if Hong Kong is to remain an effective bridge between China and the rest of the world.  The Hong Kong Translation Society enjoys a tax exempt status granted by the Inland Revenue Department of Hong Kong under section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance (English version/Chinese version).  It is wholly committed to its continual contribution to the cause of translation in Hong Kong.
To provide opportunities for sharing and exchange, talks and seminars on translation and language related themes are held from time to time; a bulletin, a refereed journal and a members' directory are published regularly.   The Hong Kong Translation Society Scholarships under commercial sponsorship were established in 1991 to recognize academic achievements of translation students and promote translation as a discipline in recognized local tertiary institutions.  The Society conducted its own Diploma and Advanced Diploma examinations from 1991 to 1995, specifically designed to be exacting, practical tests of translating and interpreting at undergraduate and graduate levels, offering opportunities to capable persons lacking formal qualifications.  The Society has also offered professional expertise upon consultation on various issues, such as translation and language education in Hong Kong, the English translation of the Basic Law of the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong, and the Hong Kong Youth Translation and Simultaneous Interpretation Competition.  Maintaining close ties with both local and international translation bodies is a major area of effort of the Translation Society.  Visits to Chinese and Taiwan associations, liaison with British and American institutions, holding of regional and international conferences, inter alia, in the past years are attempts to promote academic and professional exchange between Hong Kong and other parts of the world.   Note: The Hong Kong Translation Society is an academic society.  It does not refer members or potential persons for commercial translation undertakings.
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