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Past Issues

About the Refereed Journal

     Published four times a year since 1995, Translation Quarterly is the official publication of the Hong Kong Translation Society. The first of its kind in Hong Kong, the refereed journal aims at providing a forum for academic exchange of views and ideas concerning translation both as a professional activity and a field for scholarly investigation, featuring also a book review section. All article submissions are peer-reviewed anonymously by solid experts in their respective areas of research.


     In 2009, an electronic licensing agreement was reached with Ebsco Publishing, the world's most prolific aggregator of full-text journals, magazines and other sources, further widening its circulation to major research institutions, libraries and subscribers around the world.


     After the retirement of Founding Chief Editor Prof. LIU Ching-chih and his successor Prof. Leo Tak-hung CHAN, the helmsmanship of Translation Quarterly is currently undertaken by Prof. Dechao LI. The Advisory Board of the journal is made up of internationally renowned scholars and specialists in the field, including Mona BAKER, Cay DOLLERUP, Howard GOLDBLATT, LIN Wen-yueh, LIU Ching-chih, Wolfgang LÖRSCHER, LUO Xinzhang, James ST. ANDRE and YANG Cheng-shu.


     All article submissions are peer-reviewed anonymously by experts in their respective areas of research who make recommendations about the acceptance or rejection of the submission. For enquiry and article submission, please write to the Chief Editor at


     Click here for the bilingual Editorial Policy and Stylesheet, and Article Template.


     2022 - new issues will be coming soon.

Organization  編輯架構

Founding Chief Editor 創刊主編

LIU Ching-chih 劉靖之

Honorary Chief Editor 榮譽主編

Leo Tak-hung CHAN 陳德鴻

Chief Editor 主編

LI Dechao 李德超

Associate Editors 副主編

Shelby CHAN 陳嘉恩

LI Bo 李波

LIU Kanglong 劉康龍

​SONG Geng 宋耕

Editorial Board 編輯委員會

CHAN Kit-ying Elsie (Chair) 陳潔瑩 (主席)

CHEUNG Kay Fan Andrew 張其帆


LEE Tong King 李忠慶

LI Defeng 李德鳳

LUNG Wai-chu Rachel 龍惠珠

Riccardo Moratto 莫冉

Joseph POON 潘漢光

Duncan POUPARD 鄧彧

SHAO Lu 邵璐

Stella SORBY 洪蘭星

WANG Binhua 王斌華

YAN Xiu Jackie 鄢秀

ZHENG Binghan 鄭冰寒

Advisory Board 顧問委員會



Howard GOLDBLATT 葛浩文

LIN Wen-yueh 林文月

LIU Ching-chih 劉靖之


James ST. ANDRÉ 沈安德

YANG Cheng-shu 楊承淑

Editorial Manager 編務經理

Liu Zhongzhu 劉中柱

Open Access

In line with the object of the Society and its commitment to knowledge sharing and empowerment, Translation Quarterly is available for open access starting from issue no. 100 at the end of 2021.

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