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50th Anniversary Translation Lecture Series 2021-22 (5)

香港翻譯學會五十周年呈獻:翻譯講座系列 2021-22 (5)



From a macro perspective, Prof. T’sou traced the milestones on the road of translation in human civilization, starting from crude cross-lingual communicative attempts (T0) to increasingly efficient and professional tasks with the development of progressively sophisticated aids, from printed dictionaries (T1), electronic tools (T2-3), machine translation tools (T4) to human-machine communication platforms (T5) in the foreseeable future. Siting the current state of translation at T4, he outlined the challenges and changing landscape of the translation industry and offered invaluable advice on how translators could sharpen their post-editing knowhow in the runup to T5, so as to embrace and benefit from a new age of human-centric MT translation landscape.


Translation 4.5


Human-centric MT tech future


Changing translation landscape


Patentlex database cultivation

PatentLex function

LiVac database curation

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